1. House Cleaning Tips San Jose CA

    10 Great Home Cleaning Strategies For San Jose, CA: Cleaning The Scuff Marks: Make use of 3 tablespoons. of TSP (trisodium phosphate) to a gallon of water in order to clean scuff markings or even a crayon markings off wall spaces. TSP can be purchased in the paint section of a home improvement center. Put on safety gloves and don't use at semi-gloss or gloss painting and wood areas. Cleaning Out B…Read More

  2. Abrasive Cleaners / Cal Maids

    Abrasive cleaners are designed to remove relatively heavy amounts of soil. They wear off dirt, stains, tarnish, and hard water deposits by scraping them away, facilitating the A for “agitation” in the C-H-A-T cleaning formula: chemical – heat – agitation - time. The degree of abrasiveness of products varies; fine particles are less abrasive, and course particles are more abrasive. Availabl…Read More