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10 Great Home Cleaning Strategies For San Jose, CA:

  • Cleaning The Scuff Marks:

Make use of 3 tablespoons. of TSP (trisodium phosphate) to a gallon of water in order to clean scuff markings or even a crayon markings off wall spaces. TSP can be purchased in the paint section of a home improvement center. Put on safety gloves and don’t use at semi-gloss or gloss painting and wood areas.

  • Cleaning Out Blood Away From Home Furniture:

Use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of blood from clothes or house furniture. Rub lightly.

  • Dusting Technique:

Make use of paint brushes in order to dust off cracks and also hard to reach areas on phones, stereo systems, etc.

  • Removing Candle Wax Away From Wall Surfaces:

Candle wax is easy to remove from walls or a few other areas with an iron along with facial tissue. Place the tissue at the top of the candle wax and then gently iron. Once the wax seeps through or maybe the tissue begins to brown, make use of a new tissue.

  • Cleaning Chrome:

Club soda or perhaps seltzer water will certainly clean stainless steel.

  • Cleaning Out Blood Stains:

Cornstarch could certainly remove blood stains. Rinse out the staining in cold water, then rub in moistened cornstarch. Place the object under the sun.

  • Cleaning Out Chewing Gum:

Bubble gum can be removed by using ice-cubes in order to firm up plus a dull blade to remove.

  • The Removal Of Magic Marker Ink:

Hair spray could remove magic-marker ink from surface areas.

  • Cleaning Up Window Screens:

Nylon covered sponges are good for cleaning up window screens.

  • Getting Rid Of Smoke Odor:

Put a bowl of vinegar to absorb smoke odor.

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