We offer professional window cleaning services that can help you experience the many benefits of natural sunlight.

Nothing makes you want to close the curtains like dirty windows. But, with the residential cleaning services from CalMaids on your side, you can proudly open your curtains and let the natural sunlight into your life. Natural sunlight is vastly underestimated, and getting more it will benefit you in many different ways. In our previous blog, we talked about a few of the ways natural sunlight can benefit you. Keep reading to learn more:

#4. You’ll be in a better mood. 

Did you know that a lack of natural sunlight has actually been linked to depression? In fact, in places where sunlight is very seasonal, like Alaska and Seattle, some people become depressed for entire seasons. This is called seasonal affective disorder. Natural sunlight can help to put you in a better mood, and many doctors even recommend short walks in the sun to help patients cope with depression.

#5. You’ll be protecting your eyes and vision. 

Recently, there has been a lot of research as to how artificial light affects our eyes and vision, and there are concerns that too much to exposure artificial light could lead to a variety of vision and eye health issues. Other studies have also shown that natural light could assist in biorhythm maintenance, as well as eye development.

Most of us are exposed to enough artificial light in our everyday lives. Make your home a sanctuary for natural light and all of the benefits associated it with window cleaning from CalMaids!