Believe it or not, professional window cleaning comes with many advantages.

If you are like most people, you probably always clean the windows in your home by yourself. While DIY window cleaning may be good enough, you are missing out on many benefits if you aren’t taking advantage of professional window cleaning in San Jose. At CalMaids, we want you to understand just how beneficial this residential cleaning service is, and that’s why we went over a few of the benefits in our last blog. Here are a few more benefits of professional window cleaning:

#4. Extend the Life of Your Windows

Dirt and other debris on your windows can actually cause extensive, sometimes irreversible, damage. If left for too long, dirt and grime can scratch your windows, and in some cases, it can even distort them so that they are no longer easy to look out of.

#5. Energy Efficiency

Did you know that professional window cleaning could help to improve the energy efficiency in your home? If an excess of dirt and grime builds up on your windows, it can prevent the sun from warming your home in the winter. Additionally, weathering and oxidation can eat away at the seals in your window frames, leading to air leaks and condensation.

#6. Safety

If you live in a two or three story home, then it’s not always safe to clean the outside of the windows on the higher levels of your home. By hiring a professional, you can stay safe on the ground while your windows are being cleaned to perfection.

Are you ready to start experiencing the many benefits of professional window cleaning? If so, schedule your appointment today!